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About Corona Safe Business Directory


Wow, it happened fast. Perhaps too fast. But today, businesses and consumers have started a new era in how they engage. Safety has moved to the top of the list. And as we carefully move forward in this post-corona era, it is clear safety will remain a big factor in how we decide who we do business with.

Other directories focus on reviews (often negative reviews) but businesses today need more, they need help. Small businesses are at the core of what drives a local economy, providing jobs and engagement opportunities. Small businesses are the “glue” that hold our communities together while providing the “engagement opportunities” that bring people together.

We are committed to helping connect businesses to customers and customers to great businesses in a safe way. Our umbrella of companies (Corona Safe Business|11Hands Marketing Agency|Bridgegap Marketing INC) all work hand in hand with you to overcome the challenges of our “New Normal.” Engage, get listed, share your positive stories and be safe!


weblink ABOUT IAN – – – (Jerusalem, Israel)

Ian Jascourt has 20 years of experience creating and leading teams; in fact, he’s serviced 20,000+ customers. What our clients most appreciate is his ability to deliver sustainable revenue and results, even in our current unpredictable “New Normal” marketplace.

Ian brings an excellent balance of operational expertise, sales leadership and attention to detail within the 11Hands Agency and Corona Safe Business Directory environment. Ian is not afraid to take on new challenges and maintains a positive attitude through all situations.

Recently Ian won the CSB Directory “Looks Best In a Mask” award!


Elaine Wilkes


this hyperlink ABOUT ELAINE – – – (Chicago, IL)

Our in-house Corona Safe Business Marketing Evangelist!

Elaine has a Ph.D. in naturopathy, a Master’s degree in psychology, and Certificates in nutrition.

Elaine has appeared as a holistic health expert on CNN Headline News and in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Huffington Post, Forbes, First for Women, Women’s World, and others.

As a professional working actress, she signed an exclusive acting contract with NBC, appeared on numerous television shows, and in over 70 TV commercials. Elaine was a season regular on the hit TV show Dallas and was in many movies. She acted with A-list actors such as Mark Harmon, Madonna, Courtney Cox, Bruce Willis, Billy Zane, Ted Danson, Larry Hagman, and others, and worked with legendary directors including John Hughes, Blake Edwards, and Joe Sedelmaier.

She is an internationally published Hay House author of the highly acclaimed, two time award-winning, international book, Nature’s Secret Messages: Hidden In Plain Sight.

Elaine is also a small business and Amazon marketing authority with years of experience helping solve challenges like those most small business owners face with todays Covid-19 crisis. A blend of knowledge in health, marketing, writing and business makes Elaine the perfect “evangelist” for the Corona Safe Business Directory.

Incidentally, Elaine’s most recent book is a tribute to her father titled, War is Personal. Hell, Luck and Resilience: A WWII Combat Marine’s Accounts of Okinawa and China. It’s a Marine’s deeply personal account of the cold realities of war. Concise, fast read . . . full of reflection and sorrow . . . moments of joy and determination to survive. Raw. Inspiring.

Dan Hollings

Dan Hollings

ABOUT DAN – – – (Tucson, AZ)

It’s no secret, Dan Hollings is one of the most sought after internet marketers around. An internet strategist to celebrities, talk show hosts, NY Times best selling authors, world renowned entrepreneurs and smash hit movies.

The results of Dan’s extraordinary internet talents have been touted on Larry King, Oprah, Degeneres, the cover of Newsweek, and numerous media outlets.

Dan is also an Amazon and Small Business authority having helped sell millions through various platforms and strategies, authored numerous popular courses and helped over 51,434 Amazon sellers and 140,000+ small business owners in recent years. Dan’s client list includes celebrities, corporations, manufactures, Shark Tank entrepreneurs, ma & pa local business owners, schools, organizations and even Amazon Corporate itself.

Best of all, Dan has lead the effort to develop business-saving platforms and strategies for our “New Normal” amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marc Masked

Marc Vitorillo

ABOUT MARC – – – (Chicago, IL)

Marc Vitorillo has spent more than a decade perfecting e-commerce strategies. He introduced the innovative 11HANDS “Team Of Experts” concept that works daily with small business owners to boost the results of Corona Safe Business listings. As a client or listing owner, you can count on Marc to convert your digital data into sales and deliver the e-commerce insights you need to drive results even in tough times like today.

Marc was previously the Co-Founder and CMO of Tierra Science; empowering individuals with best-in-class products and information for health and well-being. Marc’s company was recently acquired by a publicly traded company. Marc loves businesses that help others improve their life, overall health and well-being.

Marc continues repeatedly to generate six figure monthly sales for businesses… the only question is… will you be one of them?